Research, Development and Chemical Safety Assessment on Food and Food Contact Materials

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What is the Food Chem Pack?

Equipo FoodChemPack Facultad de Farmacia

The FoodChemPack research group was created in 1999, and is located in the Bromatology Laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmacy, where the professors of the group teach in addition to the Master in Innovation in Nutrition, Food Safety and Technology.

Its teaching and research staff is attached to the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Bromatology, and belong to the area of Nutrition and Bromatology. In addition to the current members, the group regularly receives visiting researchers, both predoctoral and postdoctoral.

FoodChemPack is a group specialized in the chemical analysis of food and is currently working on several interrelated lines of research with a strong bromatological component. These research lines are developed in the field of food contact materials (safety, risk assessment and active materials) and analytical determinations related to different food components.

In addition, the group has worked and continues to offer its services to different national and international companies through different contracts and agreements.


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11th Shelf Life International Meeting SLIM (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

La semana pasada, integrantes del grupo FoodChemPack asistieron al 11th Shelf Life International Meeting (SLIM) que tuvo lugar en Reggio Emilia, Italia. 👩🏽‍🔬La doctoranda Lara Pazos presentó su póster titulado “In vitro stability and oral bioaccessibility of bisphenol A diglycidyl ether from epoxy-based coatings used in food cans” destacando los resultados de las interacciones con aminoácidos presentes […]

Workshop – Enhancing food waste valorization in the framework of ValICET Project

En el ámbito del proyecto de Investigación ValICET del programa PRIMA, el grupo FoodChemPack que coordina el proyecto, está organizando un workshop abierto a la comunidad que se realizará el próximo día 29 de mayo en el salón de grados de la Facultad de Farmacia. En este workshop, contaremos con los socios internacionales que componen el consorcio que expondrán […]

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